Press Coverage

We’ll do our best to keep this page updated as a running log of Ursa Major’s press coverage …

“Ursa Major’s Face Balm absorb[s] quickly, won’t clog pores or leave a shiny finish, and [makes a] terrific bedside companion.” – Details, 4.7.14

“I stash these in my bag wherever I go… That little burst of aromatherapy is especially appreciated during a long flight or after a long night out.” – Refinery 29, 4.4.14

“From the drugstore brand to the top of the line scientifically formulated, small-batch, etc—I’ve tested it. The best I’ve found is Ursa Major.” – Southern Living, 3.19.14

“Perfect for freshening up after a long day.” – Gear Junkie, 2.10.14

“A skincare staple.” – NYLON for Guys, 1.3.14

“One of the few men’s lines worth writing home about.” – Beauty Bets, 12.16.13

“… feels like something that should be reserved for a special occasion.” - 31 Days of December, 12.10.13

“Two awesome brands, one awesome dopp kit.” - Cork Grips, 12.3.13

“I use this stuff every day and love it.” - Rogue Industries, 11.21.13

“Ursa Major’s face wipes bring bamboo fiber and natural ingredients to deep-cleansing hygiene on the go.” - Gear Patrol, 11.8.13

“[A] shower in a packet” - GQ, 11.5.13

“I noticed a difference in my skin straight away.” - The Close Shave, 10.19.13

“Moist enough to clean your face and arms and small enough to travel in a pocket.” – Dirt Rag Magazine Issue 173, October 2013 (Print)

“My face was stoked.” - Culture Cycles, 9.23.13

“The materials are top quality, they’re good for you, and they do the job better.” - Repository Magazine , 9.20.13

“Ursa Major has captured a customer in this reviewer.” - Noble Custom, 9.19.13

“Part of your carry-on bag’s airplane survival kit.” - Men’s Journal, 8.3.13

“Smells as good as your skin feels.” - Outside Magazine Online, 7.23.13

“While Ursa Major is for men, we’re wholeheartedly endorsing it for women.” – Hint Magazine, 7.17.13

“My face felt rejuvenated.” – Details Network/Fragrant Moments, 7.9.13

“A must for your office, gym bag and, if you’re a traveler, carry-on.” –, 7.13

“A treat for travelers.” – Cool Hunting, 6.21.13

“This very Vermont brand has got my number.” – Beauty Bets, 6.12.13

“Applied with a cotton ball this fig-and-lavender scented workhorse [4-in-1 Face Tonic] removes oil, fights blemishes, soothes razor burn, and hydrates skin.” -Details Magazine Vol. 31, Issue 8, June/July 2013 (Print)

“The ruggedly stylish skin care brand.” – Wallpaper, 1.13

“These are products you want to fall in love with.” – Seattle Met, 9.21.12

“Check out Ursa Major’s face wash, toner and shaving creams to save whatever little bit of dignity you have left.” – Four Pins, 8.12.12

“The forest full of fragrance you’re smelling is the real deal.” – Los Angeles Times, 8.1.12

“Their line of skin care products are terrific.” – The GQ Eye, 6.6.12

“Your skin definitely feels great.  Smooth, clear and soft.” – Valet, 5.31.12

“A versatile product with endless possibilities.” T, The New York Times Style Magazine, 4.16.12

“Kick-ass men’s grooming products with smart and savvy packaging.” – GQ Magazine, April 2012, (Print)

“Besides the effectiveness of the product, we like the simple, recyclable packaging emblazoned with the bear constellation for which the brand is named.” – Cool Hunting, 3.28.12

“A healthy and highly effective skincare solution.” – Hypebeast, 3.28.12

“Tames the grizzliest of stubble.” – Mens’ Journal, December 2011/January 2012 (Print)

“Our skin feels fresher, cleaner, smoother. We won’t be switching to anything else soon.” – N’East Style, 11.22.11

“A pleasure to use.” – New York Times, 8.24.11

“The difference in the quality is instantly identifiable.” – NYLON for Guys, June 2011 (Print)

“Ursa Major products… keep you looking your best.” – Monocle Vol. 5, Issue 44, June 2011 (Print)

“Shave like a pro.” – Details June/July 2011 (Print)

“The edge goes to Ursa Major.” – San Francisco Chronicle, 5.22.11

“The product itself is one of the best shave creams we’ve experienced.” – Finer Cut, 4.28.11

“Makes you relish your morning shave.” – Gear Patrol, 2.15.11

“Ursa Major is out of this world.” –, 12.10.10

“Free of any suspect chemicals, it’s ideal for sensitive skin.” – Valet, 12.7.10