Meet the Crew

Emily Doyle – Wholesale, Chief Cheerleader (Co-Founder)


Emily oversees our budding wholesale effort while acting as chief cheerleader across the business, nurturing our team and nascent culture. If her smile doesn’t win you over her baked goods will.

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Oliver Sweatman – Everything (Co-Founder)


Our resident ‘mad professor’, Oliver is always striving to balance smart strategy with sound execution. Intensely hands-on, he has his paws on every piece of the business. When not at work, Oliver’s favorite place to be is deep in the Vermont woods.

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Nicole Laureyns – Operations, Production


Nicole oversees our cherished supply chain, managing UM’s production activities and keeping a watchful eye on our inventory when she’s not out sampling Vermont’s fine brews or listening to Black Sabbath.

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Carmen Craig – Marketing, Customer Service


Carmen deftly handles our media relations, sampling initiatives, brand partnerships, ambassador program and more, as well as customer service. Her calm, chipper demeanor belies the fact she’s very caffeinated, all the time.

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Ollie Burruss – Digital Marketing


Trading Sochi for shave cream, Ollie hung up his skinny Nordic skis and one-piece to try his hand at digital marketing for UM. A New Englander at heart, he’s loving being back in VT after logging some time (and lots of miles) in the mountains of Oregon.

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Tyler Reid – Order Fulfillment

Photo of Tyler Reid, Ursa Major employee.

Tyler is the seldom-seen, seldom-heard glue that keeps the Ursa Major machine running. Tucked away in our order packing room, Tyler lovingly assembles our web and wholesale orders, all the while blasting hits from the 50s and 60s.

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Marshall McKenzie – Account Manager

Photo of Marshall McKenzie, Ursa Major employee

Marshall is Emily’s godsend. Tasked with managing and growing the wholesale side of UM, he’s already making strong inroads in this vital part of the business. Fun fact: Marshall’s resume includes a brief stint as a male model.

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Chris Little – New Business Development

Ursa Major's newest team member, Chris Little.








Chris recently returned to Vermont after nearly a decade working at a Boston tech startup and we snatched him up. Chris’s focus at UM will be creating new strategic partnerships to help Ursa Major find new customers and sharing his entrepreneurial experience across the business. If you ever need a cocktail recommendation, Chris is the man to ask.

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