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New Bright Spruce Tees

Christine Mitchell Adams July 31, 2015

Our athletic grey tee has been such a hit - it's seriously the comfiest tee we've ever worn - that we decided to have our local printer whip up some more in a fresh new color. The new bright spruce reminds us of bright summer days here in Vermont.

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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 7/16-7/28

Zoë Furlong July 29, 2015

7/16/15 Do We Need To Rethink What We Call Carcinogens?(EWG). Current regulatory policy focuses on identifying “complete carcinogens”– chemicals that can cause cancer all by themselves. Consider for a moment this alternative scenario: What if some chemicals can’t induce cancer alone but can alter normal cells in ways that make them more prone to turn into cancer cells?

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Christine Mitchell Adams July 28, 2015


Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer, writer, and motivational speaker based in the UK. He was named National Geographic Adventurer of 2012 for spending 2011 doing a series of "microadventures", a term he has since coined and turned into a global movement. The concept of the microadventure encourages folks to get out of their comfort zone, travel somewhere they've never been, or simply get outside more. The key to Humphreys' microadventures is that they are attainable and accessible.

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Instagrams We're Into: July

Christine Mitchell Adams July 23, 2015

Instagram is a great tool for finding talented photographers and interesting folks. We're often sharing favorite profiles in the office so we're going to start posting a few of those here on the Blog Cabin. We've found that the key to Instagram is to not get sucked into the vortex (we confess, we're guilty of this from time to time). Hopefully this little round-up will help you zone in for a quick dose of inspiration before you head outside and embark on your own adventure!

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Tom Haugomat

Christine Mitchell Adams July 20, 2015

We stumbled across Parisian artist Tom Haugomat on Pinterest, which has become the source of a lot of fun finds for us. Haugomat's graphic use of color really grabbed our attention, along with the fun characters and icons. We've included some of our favorites here. The winter scenes almost got us excited for snow in July! 

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Alternate Commutes

Christine Mitchell Adams July 17, 2015
Oru Kayak
It's summer so the last thing we find ourselves wanting to do is get into our cars for the work commute. We got to thinking about the alternate ways to get to and from UM HQ and decided to put together a list of feasible options (Ziplining sounds fun, but probably not realistic for most). Not only do these modes of transportation get you outside more, they are guaranteed to get your heart rate up, are much kinder to the environment, and make for a healthier and more sustainable community. 

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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 7/9-7/15

Zoë Furlong July 16, 2015

7/9/15 These Plastic Chemicals May Be Just As Dangerous As What They Replace” (Time). About a decade ago, manufacturers began to replace a chemical known as DEHP—a probable human carcinogen—from their products. Now, new research suggests that replacement chemicals may have some of the same negative health effects as DEHP.

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