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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 9/24-9/30

Zoë Furlong September 30, 2015

9/24/15 Exposure To Phthalate Chemicals In Plastic May Reduce Men's Sperm Motility(Medical Daily). Yet another study links phthalate exposure to fertility problems; this Swedish study showed that higher phthalate exposure among young men aged 18-20 correlated to lower sperm motility.

9/25/15 — A Watchful Eye on Farm Families’ Health (New York Times Opinion). Farmworker communities are disproportionately vulnerable to toxic organophosphates through multiple pathways. There’s an important environmental-justice issue at play.

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Instagrams We're Into: September

Christine Mitchell Adams September 29, 2015

Kathleen & Greg @tinyhousetinyfootprint
Kathleen and Greg have set up home in a 140 square foot camper trailer and in doing so hope to inspire others to live small and reduce their environmental footprint. We love the photos they share of their pup Blaize on the trail.

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He Lives Major: Thaddeus Cooke

Christine Mitchell Adams September 26, 2015

I first met local mover-and-shaker Thaddues (also known as Tad) Cooke when I discovered his incredible photography and his work with the New Moran project. Located on the Burlington waterfront, the Moran Plant has been a local landmark since it was built in 1952 as a coal burning power plant. It was decommissioned in 1986 and remained derelict until 2014 when three Burlington residents (including Tad) proposed the New Moran master plan for the preservation and adaptive reuse of Moran Plant. We caught up with Tad to get the full scoop on the project and discover what keeps this 9th generation Vermonter rooted and inspired in the green mountain state.  

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The Offseason

Christine Mitchell Adams September 25, 2015

THE OFFSEASON from T-Bar Films on Vimeo

Ever wonder what a skier does in the offseason? Tyler Wilkinson-Ray of T-Bar Films proves that not only do skiers have the best winters, they have the best summers too. Especially when spent in Vermont. 

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Apple Picking at Shelburne Orchards

Christine Mitchell Adams September 21, 2015

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Morning Coffee & Tea Rituals

Christine Mitchell Adams September 18, 2015

Here at UM HQ, we have a rather consistent morning routine. Someone usually makes a communal pot of coffee in a French press while another refills the kettle for those who need hot water to brew their choice of tea. This was never discussed as a group and tasks were never delegated, it just happened naturally. Like many morning routines, you find what works for you and stick to it - especially when it comes to the caffeine fix. Although, as more folks are becoming fans of the chemex or insist on using a cold brew kit, the age of the regular cup of joe seems to be well behind us. Even our office French press is starting to feel dated, although I'm not sure we could ever part with the simplicity of it. So we take a look at some of the newest - or trendiest - coffee upgrades. How do you get your morning jolt? Share in the comments!

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We're Hiring: UM Looking For An Energetic & Friendly Order Fulfiller

Christine Mitchell Adams September 16, 2015

We’re looking for an energetic & friendly order fulfiller who wants to work in a collaborative, entrepreneurial environment. The position starts immediately at five days/week and varies between part- and full-time (25-40 hrs/week), depending on the season.

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