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What Are Toxics?

Zoë Furlong April 20, 2015

You’ve probably heard the term “toxins” a lot lately (maybe a little too much!), and at this point you know they're best avoided. But what exactly are these “toxins” and what dangers do they pose? We’ve partnered with a physician and an environmental toxicologist to learn more about these toxic substances and to ensure that the information we’re providing is the most accurate and up-to-date.

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Fort Makers Mobiles

Christine Mitchell Adams April 17, 2015

We're in love with these apple wood mobiles from Fort Makers in Brooklyn, NY. Not just for the nursery, these would look amazing in any room. Like over the dining room table or by your desk in the home office. 

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He Lives Major: Will Watters

Christine Mitchell Adams April 15, 2015

photo by Tony Czech

We first discovered Western Rise through their incredible instagram and were immediately intrigued. Soon after we met the man behind the brand, Will Watters. An avid outdoorsman, Watters created Western Rise out of a desire to create apparel that suited his lifestyle. That meant clothes that could take him from a morning of fly-fishing or an afternoon hike, then on to the local bar with friends. We chatted with him about his love for the outdoors and the growing Western Rise community. 

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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 4.6-4.13

Zoë Furlong April 13, 2015

U.S. News, Apr. 4, 2015 — A bill is working its way through Congress with the awkward name of the “Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act." Despite the presence of the words “chemical safety” in its name, this bill appears designed to delay and drag out the process of testing chemicals to determine their safety.

Baltimore Sun, Apr. 7, 2015 — This past week, environmental and health advocates across the country delivered petitions with 135,000 signatures asking Walgreens to phase out toxic chemicals in products.

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She Lives Major: Lizzie Garrett Mettler

Christine Mitchell Adams April 08, 2015

photo by Simons Finnerty

We’re thrilled to be featuring friend Lizzie Garrett Mettler for our She Lives Major series. Lizzie is a freelance writer, creator of the famous blog Tomboy Style, and author of the book of the same name. In both the book and blog, Lizzie celebrates the tomboy icons of the 20th century - incredible women who stood up against the gender stereotypes of their time. Lizzie is also on the brink of launching a new project, The Reed, for which she shares some details with us below.

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A Welcome Visitor

Christine Mitchell Adams April 07, 2015

New friend Chris with Nicole, who handles our customer service (with gusto!)

Last Friday, we received a very welcome visit from an Ursa Major customer. Our new friend Chris was in the area due to some rather unfortunate circumstances. He and his roommates were among those who had been displaced by the recent tragic gas explosion in the East Village of NYC. Chris had emailed Nicole, who handles our customer service (among other things), to see if we could spare any products for him and his roommates.

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Monthly Roundup: March

Zoë Furlong April 03, 2015

image via GMO Film


GMO OMG (2013) Directed by Jeremy Seifert
Jeremy Seifert found himself wondering about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) after looking critically at what he was feeding his young children, and after his son Finn develops a deep fascination with seeds. Seifert embarks on a quest for answers that takes him around the world.

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