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Toxics in the News: 1/1/16 - 1/15/16

Zoë Furlong January 15, 2016


1/5/16 — “These 19 Big-Name Toothpastes and Face Scrubs Will Be Forced to Ditch Tiny Bits of Plastic” (Mother Jones). Several popular consumer products still contain microbeads, and these brands have some reworking to do before summer of 2017.

1/5/16 — “Senate's chemical control bill still falls short” (Minneapolis Post). The fatal flaw: States will be blocked from taking action while EPA studies a chemical, creating a regulatory void that could leave the public unprotected.

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He Lives Major: Brody Leven

Christine Mitchell Adams January 14, 2016

Brody is one of the most energetic people I've come to know. His enthusiasm for what he does and his passion for living life to the fullest is infectious. Not only is he a professional skier, Brody also dedicates his time and efforts to education and activism in relation to our environment and avalanches. Through guest speaking engagements, he shares his own incredible mountain experiences to inspire growth, change and passion. We chatted with Brody to learn more about what he's been up to, and what inspired his passion for the outdoors.

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Stone Hut on Mt. Mansfield

Christine Mitchell Adams January 08, 2016

Photo by Ember Photo for The New York Times

The Stone Hut on Mt. Mansfield has been a landmark for years. Originally built in 1936 as a warming hut by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the same crew that cut some of the original ski trails on Mt. Mansfield.

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Instagrams We're Into: December

Christine Mitchell Adams January 07, 2016

Johnie Gall @dirtbagdarling
Johnie is a climber, kinda-surfer and all-around adventurer. Her recent trek to New Zealand gave us a serious case of envy and the itch to travel. 

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Outside This Winter

Christine Mitchell Adams January 05, 2016

For a lot of people, the depths of winter can be a really hard time to get outside on a regular basis. Sure it's easier to take a quick jog in the summer than it is when there's a couple feet of snow piled up at your doorstep, but getting outside and getting your heart rate up is just as important in the cold months as it is in the warmer ones. Here are some of the reasons why it's a great idea to get outside more this winter:

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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 12/15 - 12/31

Zoë Furlong January 01, 2016

12/16/15 — “Sen. Boxer blocks chemical safety bill, angering Inhofe” (The Hill). Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) is blocking Senate consideration of a measure to overhaul federal chemical safety rules.

12/16/15 Endocrine disruptors: European Commission 'breached law'(BBC News). In a case brought by Sweden, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the European Commission has not been quick enough in identifying and banning potentially harmful "endocrine disruptor" chemicals.

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24 Hours in Mad River Valley

Christine Mitchell Adams December 30, 2015

The third installment in our winter Vermont guide is the famous Mad River Valley. With its idyllic mountain slopes and charming villages in the valleys, it's a wonderful spot to visit in the winter. Below are a few of our favorite spots to eat good food, sleep in cozy rooms and play in the snow.

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