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He Lives Major: Clay Reeves

Christine Mitchell Adams March 25, 2015

It was a lot of fun to chat with our friend, Clay Reeves, for the Live Major series. Last year Clay founded his brand Clay + Bros around the ubiquitous sandal that he created. He's had a busy year; traveling, making sandals, and opening an office in a van! 

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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 3.16-3.23

Zoë Furlong March 23, 2015

As part of our continual effort to keep our community informed, we're going to be sharing a weekly digest of news about toxic chemicals that Zoë creates for us here in the office. 

It was a pretty eventful week in the world of toxic chemicals. The main news to keep an eye on is the TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) reform drama unfolding on Capitol Hill - these stories have been noted with an asterisk below.

TIME, Mar. 16th, 2015 — The news that BPS is as dangerous as BPA has now made it to TIME magazine. TIME’s tips for reducing BPA exposure? Avoid handling receipts, drink from steel or glass containers (not plastic ones), and don’t microwave your food in plastic containers. I would add “reduce consumption of canned foods” to the list!

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Parks Project Anthem

Christine Mitchell Adams March 20, 2015

Parks Project Anthem from Parks Project on Vimeo.

We love this video from the folks at Parks Project. They are on a mission to preserve, promote, and protect our parks. Why not join them? And use your hashtags!  

To Our Friends Up North

Christine Mitchell Adams March 18, 2015

image via Want Apothecary

For those of you up north who have been itching for an Ursa Major fix, we’ve got good news for you. Your local shops are now restocked! To make your life easier - and get that Face Balm back in your hands asap - we’ve put together a list of our Canadian retail partners who can help you out. Give them a high five for us when you stop in.

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Logging in Vermont

Christine Mitchell Adams March 18, 2015

We’re fascinated by the history and culture of logging in New England, especially in our state of Vermont. Imagine those grueling long days and months spent away from home. After the Civil War, logging became the strongest industry in the Vermont economy. Its queen city, Burlington, was the fourth largest lumber port in the nation. Yet with the industry’s success, came inevitable environmental damage.

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The Sustainable Home

Christine Mitchell Adams March 16, 2015

Marlboro Music Cottages

We've gathered some of our favorite small, passive, and sustainably designed homes on our Pinterest and wanted to share a few of our favorites here on the blog. From reclaimed materials to solar panels, these homes boast innovations that minimize their ecological footprint. The trend of building more sustainably has picked up speed significantly in the past decade. 

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She Lives Major: Jeanine Pesce

Christine Mitchell Adams March 12, 2015

photo by Katie Mccurdy

We're thrilled to be featuring Jeanine Pesce today for our first She Lives Major series. Pesce is a trend analyst and with her business Rangeshe offers creative services to the active, lifestyle, and outdoor industry. We chatted with Pesce about the active trend, her second issue of Range Mag, and how brands can communicate better with their female customer. 

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