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Opening Days for VT Slopes

Christine Mitchell Adams November 25, 2015

Photo at Jay Peak by Shem Roose

Eager to hit the slopes this Holiday weekend? We've got the roundup of the opening days for Vermont Ski Resorts. So don't worry about eating that extra helping of turkey tomorrow, just balance it with a couple extra runs on Friday! 

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They Live Major: Amanda Ciesielczyk + Adrian Goad

Christine Mitchell Adams November 23, 2015

Photo by Ali Vagnini

Amanda Ciesielczyk and Adrian Goad are not only partners in business with their PR agency BoldBrew, they're also partners in life... a life spent on the trail, angling, and taking conference calls on the slopes. In line with Amanda and Adrian's commitment to the outdoors, BoldBrew focuses on creating meaningful work and relationships with outdoor-focused brands like Western Rise and EPIC bar. We catch up with them to talk about starting their own agency and why it's important to make room for nature.

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Toxic Chemicals in the News: 11/1-11/15

Zoë Furlong November 18, 2015

11/2/15 — “Move Over, Yellow 6. More Natural Colors From Plants Are Coming (NPR). An increasing number of companies are moving away from synthetic colorings and toward plant-based ones.  Demand for natural colorings took off after a 2007 study linked artificial colors with hyperactivity in children.

11/4/15 — “Asbestos Scare in Cannon Is a Reminder of Congress’ Failure to Act” (Roll Call).The time is now to empower and ensure the EPA can finally ban asbestos and end the deadly asbestos man-made disaster.

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Take a Stand at Your Desk

Christine Mitchell Adams November 17, 2015

Image via StandStand

We've been reading a lot of articles lately about the dangers of sitting and the benefits of standing more. Sitting for long periods of time - as many of us do during our 8+ hour days - can negatively change your body's metabolism. Beyond the obvious fact that sitting burns fewer calories than standing, there is the scary correlation between sitting for long periods of time and well, death. Studies over the past few years have landed on the similar conclusion that excess sitting leads to health hazards - from minor to fatal. The takeaway? Get up, move around, work on your posture and stand more! Here at UMHQ we've been setting up some makeshift standing desks, a spare box actually works pretty darn well! Then we started researching how many standing desks are in the market. We've rounded up some options for different price points. Do you use a standing desk? Share your experience in the comments!  

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Vanish by Jim Westphalen

Christine Mitchell Adams November 13, 2015

Winter Barnscape

Local photographer Jim Westphalen is well known for his incredible portfolio of architecture photography and impressive client list including prominent hotels and resorts, architecture firms, and editorials. In addition to his commercial work, Westphalen shows his fine photography through local galleries. His current body of work, vanish, explores the disappearance of iconic structures in America. We recently saw some of the pieces from the series at Burlington City Arts' Of Land and Local exhibit and were blown away by them. 

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She Lives Major: Meg Haywood-Sullivan

Christine Mitchell Adams November 09, 2015

As a photographer and environmentalist, Meg Haywood-Sullivan has traveled across the country more times than she can count, been flown in helicopters in search of deep snow, and ridden a horse amongst a herd of wild elk - all the while capturing her stunning surroundings with her skilled eye behind the camera lens. Often traveling with her boyfriend Charles Post, who is an ecologist and fellow environmentalist and photographer, Meg and Charles are always in search of new environments and cultures to study and photograph. We were lucky to chat with Meg in-between adventures to discuss what brought her into the world of photography, how she uses social media, and what keeps her thrilled about what she does. 

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3.5 Steps to Clear, Healthy Skin

Christine Mitchell Adams November 02, 2015

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