"This face tonic is a cleanser, exfoliator, soothing agent, and moisturizer in one… to hit all the bases of a balanced skincare regimen." - Men’s Health, 5.7.16 

"Boasting the same ingredients as your favorite beer — and not a harmful additive in sight — Ursa Major’s hop-infused swipe whiffs refreshingly of eucalyptus, ginger, rosemary, grapefruit, chamomile and lemon for 24-hour protection." - GQ, 5.5.16 

"Rather than the in-a-pinch, every-once-in-awhile use recommended for regular wipes, Doyle recommends hers as a daily treatment for anyone with oily skin, or who works out regularly." - Goop, 5.4.16 

"They smelled like a day spa and gave me the feeling that I had legit washed my face, rather than just wiped them. Does that make sense? They were great." - Hello Giggles, 4.29.16 

"The formula is faintly cooling on contact, never stains, eliminates odor-causing bacteria, and works for women or men, and leaves you feeling clean and confident." - Goop, 4.27.16 

"Ursa Major's all natural Fortifying Face Balm replenishes your skin with what the road takes out of it. This lightweight lotion offers long lasting hydration without the gross film some moisturizers leave behind." - Esquire, 4.25.16 

"When I’m on the go, I use Ursa Major face wipes." - Gwyneth Paltrow, The New York Times, 4.4.16 

"These face wipes are great for any traveler who needs refreshing." - Inc., 3.31.16 

"Of all the deodorants I’ve sweat-tested over the years, this one from Vermont-based Ursa Major definitely tops the list." - Well + Good, 3.28.16 

"This balm is the bomb, a versatile product with endless possibilities." - Ask Men, 3.23.16 

"Ursa Major's Fortifying Face Balm is all-natural — always a good call for sensitive skin — and packed with ingredients that fight redness and irritation, like aloe vera, witch hazel, and willow bark." - Business Insider, 3.2.16 

"I’ve tested a lot of shaving creams for various gift guides here at Outside, but this one from Ursa Major is my favorite." - Outside Online, 2.18.16 

"After half a day in the office, the smell of Ursa Major’s Essential Face Wipes is as good a wake-up as a cup of coffee." - Outside Online, 2.5.16 

"Formulated to a) cleanse, b) exfoliate, c) heal, and d) hydrate, Ursa Major’s all-in-one face solution is the total package." - GQ, 2.4.16 

"This deodorant was awesome. It kept my pits smelling fresh all day. Highly, highly recommend." - Nylon, 1.25.16 

"Bold and citrusy, this lime and ginger-infused body wash is exactly what you need." - GQ, 1.25.16 

"The brand is truly elevating their variety of luxe unisex products for head-to-toe natural goodness." - Plein Vanity, 1.6.16 

"This editor has sweat-tested dozens of natural deodorants over the past several years, and this one from Ursa Major is hands down the best. one. yet." - Well + Good, 12.27.15

"We love the way their skincare range can nourish your skin without feeling heavy or overpowering. It's a sensory adventure." - Ponytail Journal, 12.14.15

"Works like a charm and smells divine…" - No More Dirty Looks, 11.26.15

 "Perfectly unisex." - Goop, 11.11.15

"Our favorite all natural skincare line." - GQ, 11.9.15

"The active ingredients in this wonderful shave cream make your skin look and feel bright after every shave." - The Manual, 10.3.15

"Outdoors-y readers will fall in love with this fresh, woodsy candle. The aroma will remind you of crisp autumn air." - Brit + Co., 9.3.15

"Unisex line Ursa Major is a taste of Vermont sensibility: modern packaging meets natural skincare to keep faces supple." - Condé Nast Traveler, 8.20.15

"These neatly packaged bamboo cloths refresh and exfoliate while removing sweat and excess oil, without stripping skin—genius." - VOGUE, 8.8.15

"Lightweight and fresh, this brand makes you plain clean not sticky or smelly." - GQ, 7.24.15

"This is skincare we can all unabashedly, enthusiastically share." - Plein Vanity, 7.22.15

"It's resulted in some of the closest, smoothest shaves I've had in a while." - MindBodyGreen, 7.13.15

"Bliss in a bottle. Keeps your face looking fresh." - AskMen, 7.3.15

"Stands on its own as something different, something new. They aren’t making 'their version' of what every other brand is selling— they make products that are uniquely Ursa Major." - The Beauty Proof, 6.25.15

"The razor's handle, made from reclaimed black walnut, makes it beautiful. The ability to plug in Gillette Mach 3 razors makes it convenient." - NBC News, 6.17.15

"All products are made with pure, safe, plant-based ingredients and are unisex in way that really works (you can do some serious consolidating in your shower)." - Well + Good, 6.11.15

"Ursa Major's Face Wipes are compact, and the natural ingredients make my face feel refreshed and totally clean in a single use." - Outside, 6.3.15 

"The new razor by Ursa Major highlights a refined and functional design." - Hypebeast, 5.28.15

"Ursa Major just released their first razor and it's a beautiful piece that will accompany your shaving routine for some time to come." - Acquire, 5.27.15

"Make Dad’s next shave one to remember with this all-natural cream with hints of ginger, grapefruit and bergamot. After all, Mom isn’t the only one that likes a little pampering." - Domino Mag, 5.27.15

"To remove dirt and excess oil from your face, use these gentle wipes to keep your skin hydrated and clean." - StyleBlazer, 5.21.15

"Pure magic. Just a quick swipe across your face and you'll feel refreshed, clean, and completely alive." - GQ, 5.11.15

"I feel beyond confident recommending Ursa Major to both my male and female clients." - Kelley Farlow, 4.29.15

"We love Ursa Major's Face Wash for its addictive scent and lightweight feel." - GQ, 4.22.15

"Shaving cream can be luxurious as this soap-free, ginger, grapefruit, vetiver and bergamot one proves." - New Beauty, 4.15.15

"When washing your face just isn’t an option, cleanse your skin with one of Ursa Major’s face wipes." - Travel + Leisure, 4.13.15

"The travel-sizes help you stay squeaky clean on the road." - Fathom Away, 4.3.15

"These bamboo cleansing sheets scented with an earthy blend of orange, fir and lavender will refresh, cleanse and exfoliate." - Delta Sky Magazine, April 2015 (Print)

"Ursa Major products are unisex, so share the love with husbands, boyfriends, fathers and sons!" - New York Examiner, 3.31.15

"After an intense run, these face wipes are like getting a mini facial. I love the scent and the way my skin feels afterwards." Livestrong, 3.24.15

"Cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing in one." - AFAR, 2.26.15

"I can say that I’ve fallen pretty hard for everything I’ve tried. Consider me pro-Ursa Major, both in terms of their superb branding and their superb product." - Raven and Crow Studios, 2.19.15

"Comes with a genius rollerball applicator that fits perfect in a briefcase or gym bag for refreshing your scent on the go." - Men’s Health, 2.3.15

"[It] cleanses skin (no water needed), unclogs pores, soothes irritation, and adds hydration for softness." - Bloomberg, 2.2.15

"There is no brand better than Ursa Major when it comes to keeping a clean face." - The Silent Pursuit, 1.28.15

"Guaranteed to transport you straight to the great outdoors." - Daily Mail, 1.19.15

"A simple, fuss-free approach to skincare that leaves customers feeling cared for and content." - Wallpaper*, 12.18.14

"My go-to for dude-approved products." - Beauty Bets, 12.11.14

"Every product we've used is right on point." - Gear Junkie, 12.10.14

"This sh*t is the real deal." - Vivian & June, 12.6.14

"The Fantastic Face Wash... lives up to its name." - Forbes, 12.3.14

"This natural offering is so fresh and so clean, even anti-cologne types will be converted." - The Manual, 11.18.14

"These individually wrapped face wipes are an easy way to stay refreshed and look sharp." - Condé Nast Traveler, 9.10.14

"Stock your desk drawer with these essentials and you'll feel better, smell better and be ready to tackle the day." - Cool Material, 9.1.14

"Wipe the grime off your face with Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes, which will get rid of shine, calm skin, and give you complexion a boost." -, 7.31.14

"This mega-concentrated non-foaming formula works magic to soften coarse whiskers and soothe the skin." - Men's Journal, 7.28.14

"An easy upgrade of a man's morning routine" - Washingtonian Magazine, July 2014 (Print)

"Amazing and full of certified organic goodness." - Into the Gloss, 6.19.14

"Summer is travel season and Ursa Major saves you the headache of figuring out what sort of skin products to pack. The Traveler’s Skin Care Kit takes care of it all." – The Hundreds, 5.21.14

"These men’s wipes clear away salt and grime after a run or race. The bamboo cloth stands up against stubble, leaving behind a subtle whiff of pine." – Runner’s World, May 2014 (Print)

"Ursa Major’s Face Balm absorb[s] quickly, won’t clog pores or leave a shiny finish, and [makes a] terrific bedside companion." – Details, 4.7.14

"I stash these in my bag wherever I go… That little burst of aromatherapy is especially appreciated during a long flight or after a long night out." – Refinery 29, 4.4.14

"This non-foaming Ursa Major shave cream won’t slip and slide, so you know it’s moisturizing your face and also helping you track your strokes." – Men’s Health, 4.2.14

"From the drugstore brand to the top of the line scientifically formulated, small-batch, etc—I’ve tested it. The best I’ve found is Ursa Major." – Southern Living, 3.19.14

"Perfect for freshening up after a long day." – Gear Junkie, 2.10.14

"A skincare staple." – NYLON for Guys, 1.3.14

"One of the few men’s lines worth writing home about." – Beauty Bets, 12.16.13

"… feels like something that should be reserved for a special occasion." - 31 Days of December, 12.10.13

"Two awesome brands, one awesome dopp kit." - Cork Grips, 12.3.13

"I use this stuff every day and love it." - Rogue Industries, 11.21.13

"Ursa Major’s face wipes bring bamboo fiber and natural ingredients to deep-cleansing hygiene on the go." - Gear Patrol, 11.8.13

"[A] shower in a packet." - GQ, 11.5.13

"I noticed a difference in my skin straight away." - The Close Shave, 10.19.13

"Moist enough to clean your face and arms and small enough to travel in a pocket." – Dirt Rag Magazine, October 2013 (Print)

"My face was stoked." - Culture Cycles, 9.23.13

"The materials are top quality, they’re good for you, and they do the job better." - Repository Magazine , 9.20.13

"Ursa Major has captured a customer in this reviewer." - Noble Custom, 9.19.13

"Part of your carry-on bag’s airplane survival kit." - Men’s Journal, 8.3.13

"Smells as good as your skin feels." - Outside Magazine Online, 7.23.13

"While Ursa Major is for men, we’re wholeheartedly endorsing it for women." – Hint Magazine, 7.17.13

"My face felt rejuvenated." – Details Network/Fragrant Moments, 7.9.13

"A must for your office, gym bag and, if you’re a traveler, carry-on." –, 7.13

"A treat for travelers." – Cool Hunting, 6.21.13

"This very Vermont brand has got my number." – Beauty Bets, 6.12.13

"Applied with a cotton ball this fig-and-lavender scented workhorse [4-in-1 Face Tonic] removes oil, fights blemishes, soothes razor burn, and hydrates skin." -Details Magazine, June/July 2013 (Print)

"The ruggedly stylish skin care brand." – Wallpaper, 1.13

"These are products you want to fall in love with." – Seattle Met, 9.21.12

"Check out Ursa Major’s face wash, toner and shaving creams to save whatever little bit of dignity you have left." – Four Pins, 8.12.12

"The forest full of fragrance you’re smelling is the real deal." – Los Angeles Times, 8.1.12

"Their line of skin care products are terrific." – The GQ Eye, 6.6.12

"A versatile product with endless possibilities." T, The New York Times Style Magazine, 4.16.12

"Besides the effectiveness of the product, we like the simple, recyclable packaging emblazoned with the bear constellation for which the brand is named." – Cool Hunting, 3.28.12

"A healthy and highly effective skincare solution." – Hypebeast, 3.28.12

"Tames the grizzliest of stubble." – Mens’ Journal, December 2011/January 2012, (Print)

"Our skin feels fresher, cleaner, smoother. We won’t be switching to anything else soon." – N’East Style, 11.22.11

"A pleasure to use." – New York Times, 8.24.11

"The difference in the quality is instantly identifiable." – NYLON for Guys, June 2011 (Print)

"Ursa Major products… keep you looking your best." – Monocle Vol. 5, Issue 44, June 2011 (Print)

"Shave like a pro." – Details June/July 2011 (Print)

"The edge goes to Ursa Major." – San Francisco Chronicle, 5.22.11

"The product itself is one of the best shave creams we’ve experienced." – Finer Cut, 4.28.11

"Makes you relish your morning shave." – Gear Patrol, 2.15.11

"Ursa Major is out of this world." –, 12.10.10

"Free of any suspect chemicals, it’s ideal for sensitive skin." – Valet, 12.7.10