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75% of so-called natural personal care not so natural

Oliver Sweatman March 29, 2010
75percent-river Some telling snippets from CGI's recent article, Naturals Market Maintains Strong Global Growth:
... Nearly 75% of so-called natural personal care products are not so natural after all. The overwhelming majority are considered “natural-inspired,” comprised mostly of synthetics with just enough natural ingredients thrown in to take advantage of low consumer differentiation. Unfortunately, the lack of explicit standards that define the degree of naturalness in most markets makes it possible for manufacturers in some countries to call their products “natural” just by adding a flowery label to the package. ... In the United States, consumer demand for naturals is growing, but so is the skepticism that should incite marketers to develop truly natural products that deliver more than marketing hype.
This is one of the reasons why we're adhering to - and plan to use - the relatively stringent Natural Product Association's Natural Product Standard seal.

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