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Are industrial chemicals causing a silent pandemic?

Oliver Sweatman August 12, 2010
We encourage you to watch this video if you're at all concerned about the rampant, largely unchecked use of synthetic chemicals in the U.S. personal care industry.
We're not saying this video is 'the be all and end all', just that it's a worthy contribution to the evolving debate around what defines safe personal care in America today. If you're skeptical, consider these shocking stats for a minute (all sourced from the video, but variations on similar data we've seen from other credible sources):
  • 50% of men will get cancer
  • Sperm count in men is declining 1% year
  • Infertility in young couples is up 20% over historical norms (7.3 million couples in the US having challenges getting pregnant, notably couples in their 20s & 30s)
  • Kids are increasingly born with serious health issues (leukemia, brain cancer, reproductive disorders)
Serious stuff. What's going on? What's causing what some would describe as a "silent pandemic"? Elevated stress levels in modern society? Maybe this is part of the answer. We know that stress is a killer (and, conversely, that managing stress properly is a life-saver). However, this video implicates the build-up of toxins in our bodies after years of exposure to synthetic chemicals in our food, personal care, toys, water, air, etc. as the principal cause. Our advice: bone up on the subject, learn about what's safe and what isn't and minimize unnecessary exposure to all synthetic chemicals. Why risk your health, the most valuable thing in life?
Updated: Kid-Safe Chemicals Act: 10 Americans @ Yahoo! Video

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