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It's about living better (and major!)

2 September 10, 2010
Who knew Ursa Major and Walmart had so much in common? (hah!) Here's an excerpt via describing the behemoth's cornerstone sustainability initiative, 'My Sustainability Plan' (MSP), which aims to inspire and help their X million staffers worldwide to live more sustainably:
What it's really all about is making a personal commitment to be healthier, greener or more active in your own community. It's about making the world a better place for yourself and people around you. It's about living better.
Aside from the obvious similarities with 'living major', this approach to sustainability makes sense to us: unless staffers are personally invested in the idea, how can you expect them to act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner at work? Worth a quick read if you - like us - are grappling with what sustainability means for you/your business.

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