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Total insanity or living hell?

2 September 13, 2010
Making some big FINAL decisions on packaging right now... Now on our 8th round of packaging creative. Can you imagine? Thank the super-natural powers that our terrific creative partners down in Austin have such... resilience. At times like this, when we're evaluating round after round of (excellent) creative work, we find ourselves asking:
Wait a minute, are we nuts? Why are we trying to perfect this? Any of these designs will work wonders. Let's just pull the trigger and go with that one.
Only to respond:
No, we're not f*cking nuts. This is our f*cking brand we're talking about here. It better be f*cking perfect before we let it out of the barn for the world to see.
I think most creative people can relate to this internal back and forth between "it's good enough" and "let's hold out for perfection". Tough call. The devil's discourse! For a business, I like to think 80-90% is good enough... then let it fly and keep iterating as you get feedback from the market. Holding out for 90-100% - striving for that last 10% - is total insanity or living hell, take your pick. Except maybe, when it comes to your brand... or launch packaging design, given the high stakes. Then maybe a little more spit'n shine is justified. Oh no, here we go again!

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