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Stellar Shave Cream's in. Want some?

2 September 21, 2010
Very exciting to have our first bulk shipment of Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream in the house! Within a week or so we expect our labels to arrive at which point we'll start filling requests for folks who've requested a free sample via our web site (if you want to try a sample, head on over and give us your mailing info). It'll be interesting to see what the 'break-even' on this marketing exercise is. For example, if we sample 1,000 folks this way, how many do we need to come back and buy in order to cover the cost of the exercise? What if you factor in repeat-purchases and the viral effect (e.g. enthusiasts telling their friends)? You get the idea... Back of the envelope, we figure break-even's 10%; meaning if we sample 1,000 and 100 folks then circle back to buy our shave cream, we're 'in the money' (!). That, by conventional marketing standards, is a very high hurdle to aim for. But hey, Ursa Major and our Stellar Shave Cream are far from conventional. Not your every-day, pedestrian shave cream, no sir. We'll share more info here as we learn more... maybe we'll all learn something useful!

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