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Sneaking out into the woods to stay sane

2 September 23, 2010
Been making a huge push over the past few weeks with our team to finish up v1 of our web site so we can get cracking pre-marketing/selling the Great Bear this fall while we wait for testing and production to finish up. Steady 10, 12, 14 hour days and weekends too... not sustainable in the long run but that's the way it has to be when we're trying to tee things up for launch. Tomorrow, if all goes well, v1 of the Ursa Major web site will be live. Hallefarginlujah. I hope that's not blasphemy! When we're working to the bone like this, a few things keep us going... The first, of course, is progress (that wonderful reinforcing loop). Second, collaboration with our crew over at Ptarmak and Conversant Media - I honestly think high-fivin' collaboration is half the reason to come to work. Finally, the chance to sneak out into the nearby woods for a trail run at dusk... (took that photo up top this evening - the woods were alive with deer, turkeys, grouse, squirrels... bears even!!).

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