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Out into the daylight

2 September 27, 2010
We're excited (and, admittedly, a little apprehensive) to be launching Ursa Major publicly today, now that our web site is up for the world to see. It's an exhilarating moment, stepping out of the den into broad daylight! Pretty soon we'll be coursing through the streets of New York City (to begin with), meeting with retailers and other folks, spreading 'the good word', enlisting friends to the cause. How will these people react? Will they get it? What will they think about our nutty Latin brand name? (To learn more about our name, read "Ursa What?") So many unknowns at this point... (Who said this wasn't going to be stressful?) Hopefully they'll be as fired up about the Great Bear as we are... Wait 'til they try our Stellar Shave Cream: life will never be the same. Anyway, CHEERS to our awesome team in Burlington, New York, Austin, Seattle and San Francisco - today was a big day. Asante sana!

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