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Getting right down to business (sort of)

2 October 05, 2010
Arrived in NYC early this morning (by rail, no less - so green-minded, us Vermonters). Feels great to be back in the city after a few years away from the fray. First stop: the local coffee shop where I'm staying in the East Village (more of an espresso bar, I guess). Second stop: laundromat (don't ask). Third stop: the Apple store in Soho (new battery for my Macbook; now I'm ready to rock'n roll!). Fourth stop: Mail Boxes on Bleeker to pick up some props sent up from TX by Ptarmak (see above; thank you, Ben!). 5th: Cafe Cluny (fancy!), to catch up with one of our trusted advisers (we talked about the importance of growing organically, minimizing the need for outside capital and enjoying the process of building a brand over time, among other things). #6: Chelsea Market (the new Anthropologie store feels out of place). 7: FSC Barber in the WV (lookin' good). 8: Odin WV (thx Jacob for steering me in the right direction). 9th: Mojo Coffee. And it's only 2pm! Next up this afternoon: J Crew Liquor Store, Odin, Steven Alan, Jack Spade, a few of my favorite bike shops... Just feeling things out after a few years away. So far, so good... Pretty soon it'll be time for a cold beer at Zum Schneider (it's October!).

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