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Walking the sustainability tightrope

2 October 15, 2010
Our business cards just arrived! What do you think? Which one do you prefer? Btw, in case you're wondering, these are printed on FSC-certified paper with 100% recycled fibers made with 100% renewable energy. A 'green' choice, yes, but also considerably more expensive than using plain virgin paper! This is one of many examples of how trying to 'do the right thing' as a small company ends up costing (considerably) more, driving up the cost of doing business and, ultimately, what we're going to have to charge for our products at retail. Similarly, we would love to have our products be 100% Organic and Fair Trade out the gate, but doing so would mean having to charge a LOT more for our products at retail to ensure a reasonable margin (organic ingredients can be 2-4x the price of non-organic). This means on day 1 we're going to have to settle for less Organic and Fair Trade content in Ursa Major's products than we would like. Over time, as we grow our volumes and gain some purchasing efficiencies, hopefully we can steadily increase % Organic and Fair Trade. All this to say: we're trying to maximize our chances of start-up/business success while also honoring the environment... it's a tight rope.

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