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Stellar Shave Cream samples are movin'

2 October 18, 2010
We're shipping out 5-10 shave cream samples a day now, just based on word of mouth. It's a great feeling to have these requests coming in via our web site from all over the place... Several times a day we check our database on Campaign Monitor to see how many new sign-ups we have. Addicting. We've only been shipping samples for a few weeks and so far we've shipped to 4 countries and 16 states in the US. Pretty cool! The testimonials are starting to roll in by email too and we're glad folks love the stuff as much as we do. (Curious to see how many of you eager-beavers step up when we have the 5 oz retail version in stock, hopefully by early December!). Btw, if you haven't requested your FREE deluxe shave cream sample yet, what are you waiting for? We guarantee this is the best shave cream you've ever tried. And it won't mess with your vital organs either, like 95% of the toxic crap out there in the "men's grooming market". So take 20 seconds now to transform your shave into something unforgettable... something you actually look forward to every day. Shaving doesn't have to be drudgery. And it doesn't have to kill you! And of course, if you have some quality- and health-conscious men out there, help us spread the word! We need a lot more fans on FB to catch Aveda. Go go go... PS. you get one of those fine-looking stickers too if you request a shave cream sample... for your bike... your laptop... your snowboard... your helmet... your forehead... you get the idea. TAKE BETTER CARE. Try Ursa Major. You'll never look back.

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