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So, should we hire a PR firm?

2 October 20, 2010
Does a little company like Ursa Major need a public relations firm? That's what we're wondering this morning. I mean of course a little co. needs to tell the story, and get the word out there, but these days, if a co. does an earnest job of telling it's story (online, through it's packaging, collateral, etc), is a PR firm a necessary? A PR skeptic might argue that instead of spending all that $$ on PR, a little co. should focus on telling its story as authentically as possible through WTF (web, twitter, facebook) and - if it's a good story - it'll resonate, meaning that on-brand consumers (and media) will pick up the story and carry it further. (If it's a boring story, well then there's a bigger problem...) We don't have the answer, but we would love to hear what others think. Should we a) hire a good PR firm to help us get the story out there (at significant cost - good PR firms don't come cheap) or b) focus on telling our evolving story as authentically as possible through our web site, blog, FB page, Twitter feed, packaging and daily conversations, hoping that will do the trick? (We snapped the photo above at a fantastic event in NYC a few weeks back called Re:form School - a Redu project promoting equal access to high quality education for all Americans... if anyone knows the artist name, please let us know and we'll note it here. Thanks!)

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