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Massage in the Blog Cabin

2 November 10, 2010
In case you think we're out skinning up Mt. Mansfield on this beautiful day, think again (although we should be). In fact we've been massaging the Blog Cabin (our blog) to make it better. Among the various treats you'll now find:
  1. New Categories to aid navigation
  2. Better coding of Tag words for each post (ditto)
  3. Three (3) blogrolls for you to savor: "Explore" (we're drooling over these custom hiking boots), "Explore Vermont" and "Collaborators" (if you think this is a gratuitous exercise to pump up our SEO performance, don't be so cynical)
  4. Revised Blog Cabin description ("... The Blog Cabin chronicles our brand journey, with all it's deviations.")
In case that's not enough social media activity for one day, we've also been boning up on our Twitter skills. Our Twitter feed, more scintillating each passing day, now carries the following bio:
Enlightened entrepreneurship. Courageous living. Super natural skin care. Tasty beer. Let's explore these frontiers.
Enjoy, comment, knock us to our senses...

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