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Get out there, but wear some blaze orange and make some noise

2 November 26, 2010
November's a tough month to get through up here in Vermont unless you're an avid hunter or beer drinker (or both, in which case you're all set). The locals call it "stick season", for good reason. Everything's grey and there doesn't seem to be much life around. Of course if you bundle up and get out there, the woods are actually full of life. Deer, moose, bear (!), turkey, grouse... even the occasional chipmunk grabbing a last stash of food before the snow sets in for good. But you better be wearing some blaze orange and, to be extra safe, make some noise, because many Vermonters - men, women and children - love to hunt, and they're out there, toting all manner of weaponry: compound bows, high-caliber rifles and, in a few weeks when black-powder season kicks off, 10 lb. muzzle-loaders. (For those of you with a keen eye for detail, yes, those are my new Danner boots in action).

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