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Ursa Major featured in Free/Man

2 December 01, 2010

Happy to be featured in Free/Man, a leading menswear blog. Here's the bit on Ursa Major:

New on my radar is Ursa Major, a men's skincare company based in Vermont.  I appreciate their brands aesthetic, it's simple and presented in a way that reminds you to get outside sometimes.  Most people out there {myself included} aren't born with perfect skin, a fleeting Hollywood induced illusion.  Ursa Major seeks to function as a sustainable company while they skillfully combine natural ingredients in the perfect balance specially made for men's skin.  They currently have a small selection of goods with their first product being a natural shave cream, moving into a toner, face lotion and cleanser for Spring 2011.

On their Men's Skin 101 page – The Truth, "For skin care this means seeking out safe, effective products designed for men which are as close to 100% natural as possible (meaning derived from minerals, plants and water using the cleanest possible processing methods)."

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