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6 reasons (actually, 8) to try Stellar Shave Cream now

2 December 15, 2010
A friend from NYC just emailed and asked of our Stellar Shave Cream: "what makes it so good?" Here's our response (verbatim): OK, ready?
  1. excellent performance (close, comfortable shave)
  2. rich luxurious texture (gotta feel it to see what I mean)
  3. smells like a walk in the magic forest, only better!
  4. highly concentrated - a little goes a long way (good for 2-6 months, depending on how often you shave)
  5. no toxins/99% natural (unlike 99% of shave products out there which are loaded with harmful synthetic chemicals - that's no exaggeration)
  6. made in the USA by a passionate little co. that takes care to minimize it's footprint, use sustainable materials, etc
I could go on... How about this: if you try it and don't switch from the current stuff you're using, we'll refund you 100% no questions asked :) Well, what's not to like? Why not try a Stellar Shave Cream now and take advantage of our free shipping offer (also, get a bonus refillable travel-size (1 oz) of shave cream if you spend $40+). And btw the SSC is a wonderful gift for fathers, sons, husbands, colleagues, bosses, boyfriends, helpers, lovers, etc.

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