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Making the Great Bear grrrrrrrowl

2 January 18, 2011
We've been getting a ton of snow lately. Makes it tough to work sometimes, seeing all the snow pile up on the mountains. We're pretty disciplined though, gotta say. I mean we have something to prove, products to develop, customers to delight. It's not like we're sitting on some trust fund and decided to move to VT to start some 'lifestyle business'. We need to make The Great Bear grrrrrrrrowl so we can pay the rent and then some. We're off to a good start, thanks to our intrepid early customers (thank you customers!). We've shipped 500+ shave creams in the month or so we've been in business and - more importantly - the feedback we're getting is really good. That's key. I mean a an odd name and packaging like ours will only go so far, right? Still, to be honest, we try to get outside every day. Usually around 4 pm this time of year, after a good day's work, which often means finishing whatever activity we're doing (skating, classic x-c skiing, back-country skiing, skinning/downhill skiiing) in the dark (with a headlamp on cloudy/moonless nights). The mood's always better after some time in the woods. And the mood is so key, isn't it?

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