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We've never met Dave J, but we want to thank him anyway

2 January 19, 2011
We woke up this morning to a barrage of emails requesting samples of the Stellar Shave Cream. Turns out one of our happy samplers posted a glowing review on a men's skin shaving forum called 'Badger and Blade'. We love it when stuff like this comes over the transom… Here's a copy of the review by 'Dave J.':
So I am hesitant to post such a glowing, gushing review, having just joined this website, but I wanted to offer a RAVE of a review for a new shaving cream, Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream. It is produced of all natural ingredients, in Vermont. I tried a sample of it recently after reading about it in Valet. I got the sample (1 oz.) a few days later, and gave it a shot. WOW. Now, I've tried my share of creams: Musgo Real, Taylor's of Old Bond Street, Proraso, and a few others that have faded into memory. They were fine, but none of them could tame my wicked razor burn. After two weeks with Ursa's gone. Completely. No more angry red bumps, no more blood on the collar(s) of my shirts. It's a miracle. And the scent is great--fir, mostly, with some ginger as well. Anyway, I'll ease off--don't want to come across as a paid shill, as I said. Some weeks ago Valet had a notice saying they were giving out free samples--dunno if they've got any left, but folks should drop them a note and see if they'll hook you up. My experience is that they are a small, friendly company, making a quality product here in the USA. Honestly, I can't recommend it highly enough.
How could we ever ask for more? Thank you Dave J. for sharing your positive experience with other shaving pros on Badger and Blade (which looks like a great resource - thanks for the tip). We appreciate it. Read the original forum post + comments here.

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