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Pipe this

2 February 08, 2011
We're back from our first trade show in NYC last week following up with all the leads… pretty exciting stuff! Lots of discerning retailers and media interested in The Great Bear. Bring it on! Feels awesome to be out in the market talking to potential partners after a year+ working behind the scenes on the brand, product, etc. (We're learning we love people as much as we love the woods!) Of course we want to take it slow and not expand distribution too quickly. Better to have 10 retail partners really cranking vs. 100 'doors' languishing out there, not moving product, paying late, etc. So that's what we're working on now… sifting through all the business cards, honing in on retailers we feel will be good partners in the long run vs. just making opportunistic sales to "fill the pipe". Speaking of "good partners", we'll be announcing more discerning retail partners pretty soon… The cream of America's (and Canada's) retail crop, right here, carrying Ursa Major, yes sir-eee-bob. P.S. That photo above was taken at last week's Elements-Showcase in NYC (google it). That's yours truly on the left and one of Canada's premier shopkeepers on the right.

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