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C'mon, tell us about that shop around the corner

2 February 15, 2011
Let's have some good clean fun, shall we? Interested in buying Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream at your favorite (local) shop? If so, we would love to hear about it. Email /Message us a few choice retailer tips and for every tip you offer up (apothecary, menswear store, barbershop, home/design, etc), we'll enter your name into a prize pool from which we'll pick a winner later this month. Please note: your choice tips should be just that. CHOICE. e.g. Curated shops owned by nice people bringing the best of the best to locals in a highly personalized manner. OK, ready… set… go! Oh yes, let's not forget the prize: the winner will get a year's worth of Stellar Shave Cream (3 full-size tubes; $63 value). Keep an eye on The Blog Cabin/our Facebook page for the draw later this month. Even if you don't take home the loot, you can take comfort knowing that you helped The Great Bear get to break-even faster. Now back to those retailer tips. Whadyagot? * Btw can anyone can guess the origin of that logo/image above? One more 5 oz tube of Stellar Shave Cream for the first person to nail it (oh yes we're feeling generous today).

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