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Relish your morning shave; Stellar Shave Cream reviewed by Gear Patrol

2 February 17, 2011

Hearty thanks to the folks over at Gear Patrol for their review of the Stellar Shave Cream earlier this week. These guys get it! Here's a snippet:

Ursa Major makes you relish your morning shave, rather than dread it, and your face feels pretty damned great afterward. Made in the USA, it’s a tad more expensive that your run-of-the-mill shave cream, but that’s because it’s anything but. 5.1 oz is good for over 60 shaves.

What more can we add? Read the full article here. And, if you're feeling it, buy the shave cream here.

(Btw we now covering 20% of the quoted USPS rate for overseas orders to make it easier for folks living overseas to try our Stellar Shave Cream. This past week we've shipped orders to S. Korea, Holland, Finland, France and Canada.)

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