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Seriously, what are you putting on your skin every day?

Oliver Sweatman February 25, 2011
We're so busy doing all the mechanical things entrepreneurs must do (design products, configure web sites, manage the finances, train interns, etc), we sometimes forget to talk about the toxics in personal care, which is one of the main reasons we started this company! Educating men - increasing their awareness about what's actually in the vast majority of skin/body care and why that's a health risk - is an important part of what we're trying to achieve. That said, here's a snippet from a recent article on The Huffington Post, titled "The Chemicals In Your Cosmetics":
Just a little Googling reveals that every day we are exposed through personal care products to more than 10,000 nasty chemicals banned elsewhere in the world. Everything from lip balm to hand lotion is filled with stuff we wouldn't dream of putting in our stomachs. Instead, we eagerly spread it over the largest organ of the body -- ensuring effective absorption and exposure to a daily dose of illness-inducing and cancer-causing garbage. The American medicine cabinet has become a virtual love canal of hidden industrial waste that wouldn't be allowed anywhere else.

Read the full article here (we recommend it). We suspect the author's using dramatic language in part to help drum in the message: it's time Americans paid closer attention to what's in their personal care, and demanded a more transparent, honest, accountable and health-oriented industry vs. the opaque, deceptive, unaccountable and very superficial edifice that's in place today. (We've always found it bitterly ironic that the industry bills itself as the "personal care" or "beauty" industry, when in fact it's become very impersonal and very ugly. Sadly the MO for most product developers is to employ a vast arsenal of untested synthetic chemicals to achieve just the right balance of crowd-pleasing effects (big foam, slick gels, fragrances that really 'pop', etc) at just the right 'cost of goods', health and environmental concerns be damned. Needless to say we're trying to improve on this method!)


[photo up top taken on a recent outing on the x-c ski trails at Trapp Family Lodge]

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