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A Great Bear, a Scout and a Hypebeast

2 March 09, 2011
We're falling behind on updating our Press Reviews page, so it's time to prune that bush, tend to that garden, mow that lawn - take your pick of gardening metaphors (spring is in the air, sort of). First up is a mention on The Scout, a thoughtful little blog which bills itself as a "lifestyle and design-conscious site" for discerning New Yorkers seeking "the original and uncommon". Here's a snippet from the review:
Ursa Major is the largest constellation visible on a clear night sky in Vermont and is the inspiration behind a new line of men’s skin care products. Latin for “The Great Bear”, the company incorporated it into its logo and from it have coined the term ‘living major’ – the idea of living a modest and healthy full life.
We like that idea: living a modest and healthy, full life. Next is a flattering nod to our launch from the formidable Hypebeast which leads off their review with a perfectly reasonable question:
The vast majority of skincare products on the market today are loaded with cheap synthetic chemicals – including many known toxins – which brings up the question: Do you really want to put that stuff on your face?
Hearty thanks to the kind folks at The Scout and Hypebeast. We appreciate the coverage. Stay tuned for our next three products - we think you're going to like them. A lot. If we ever meet in person - and we hope we do - the beer'll be on us.

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