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Men, it's time to detox your dopp kit!

2 March 25, 2011

Our first "shelf-talker"

Here's a peek at our first piece of collateral for use in retail stores carrying our product. The main goal with this "shelf-talker" is to spark greater awareness re: the rampant use of unhealthy synthetic chemicals in everyday skincare products, and also of course to bring attention to our brand and products.

Most men still in the dark re: toxins

Amazingly most men we talk to still don't realize how much funky stuff is in everyday skin care (in many cases, toxic ingredients banned in other countries!), and that this funky stuff penetrates the skin, causing serious health issues over time. Why mess with stuff like this if you don't have to? (Learn more about the rampant use of toxins in skincare products here.)

Feedback please...

Anyway, back to the “shelf-talker”. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have any… pretty soon you might see this lil’ guy at the local shop in your n’hood!?



July 15, 2014

good point! thanks for the feedback.


July 15, 2014

gorgeous design, gorgeous colors. thought: if you’re saying guys don’t know their stuff is laden with funky s&*t, does this make them want to detox it? maybe a little sentence below that reminds them, like:

yes, the 3 year old sunscreen and 5 year old rusty can of foam you’ve been using is bad. so they actually picture what is in their dopp kit (oohh, i’ve seen some bad ones on river trips). or whatever.


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