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Aaaah, summer's finally here. And we're ready for it!

2 May 28, 2011

Happy Memorial Day folks! Hope you've got some exciting plans lined up. Couldn't resist posting this photo… Once or twice a summer I head out with my father for a roving long-weekend adventure, with no particular destination in mind, canoe, tent and plenty of good beer along for the ride. My dad's a bird-watcher so there are a lot of unscheduled stops (like this one at a tucked away pond in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom). Sometimes we'll just park somewhere for 30 mins while he looks at the birds; it's very peaceful. Then we'll start up the engine and poke along the back-roads 'til we find something else that catches our attention (usually a bird, or a pub!). Btw, if you ever get a chance to visit "the Kingdom", go. It's one of those places that replenishes the soul. That sounds a little hooky but you know what I mean… Epic biking country too… just throw a tent and sleeping bag on your bike rack and gooooooo. And if you make it up as far as West Glover, stop at Parker Pie for the best pizza spot you'll find, anywhere!

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