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Finally, the Fantastic Face Wash has landed

2 October 14, 2011
Our truly Fantastic Face Wash is finally in stock after a year or more in the making. What a journey! At times we thought this product would break our little company, but we persisted and with the help of some very willing and able collaborators, URSA MAJOR HQ is now stocked with what we feel is undoubtedly the best face wash we've ever used. You really need to go visit our store - or one of our retail partners - and try some. In the proverbial nutshell, here's why this wash is light years ahead of the cheap, mass-produced, synthetic/sulfate/toxin-laden stuff that's gunking up retail shelves across the country:
  • Powerful natural cleansers remove oil and grime without stripping your skin
  • Alpha/beta hydroxy acids dissolve dead surface skin and clear blocked pores
  • Lavish amounts of organic aloe vera hydrate and soothe
  • 99.5% natural, 51.0% organic and toxin-free
  • It smells fantastic (cedar, spearmint, lime, rosemary, vetiver, etc)
The result is clean, comfortable, healthy-looking skin with visibly smaller pores and less shine. And of course a kick in your step. Trying is believing. The 1.2oz traveler sells for $4, the large 8oz bottle sells for $26. It's rich and concentrated and worth every penny. Here's a handy shortcut to our online shop. (Not to distract you from opening your wallet right now, but believe it or not our Essential Face Toner is hot on the heels of our face wash... we'll be launching the face toner within weeks, barring any further misadventures on the production end of things. And if you think you don't need a toner, you're mistaken. We promise. Just wait and see what this little guy will do for you. But in the meantime, you really need to check out our shave cream or face wash...) It's Friday, and it's been a looong week. It's time for a run and then a tasty beer. Cheers!

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