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UM x Colette Carnaval in Paris this weekend (it's going to be Major)

2 March 07, 2012

This coming weekend Ursa Major will be offering complimentary stellar shaves at the Colette Carnaval, the venerable store's 15th-year anniversary bash taking place in the Tuileries Garden in Paris. This just may be the party-to-end-all-parties and we're honored to be participating. Here's a sampling of other delights going down in the biggest 'big top' Paris has ever laid it's sultry eyes on:

- Shooting stand with Carhartt - Basketball playground by Nike - Macaroon bar by Ladurée - Fred Perry ping pong contest - Solex bicycle circuit - Ice cream bar with Haagen Dazs - Caricature workshop with Kitsune - Carnaval market by Comme des Garçons - Super natural straight-edge shaves from Ursa Major - Much, much more... Pretty wild stuff. Check the full list of participants here. Being a start-up in Vermont with a tiny marketing budget, this feat of modern barberism would not have been possible without the generous help of several good friends including Sarah Lerfel and her team from Colette (Paris), Antoine Flochs of Man Shows (Paris), The Imaginers (Paris), the one-and-only Alex Nunez of Neighborhood Cut & Shave (NYC), and of course our reliable and talented pals in Austin, Texas, Ptarmak. The event is open to the public and they're expecting 20,000 visitors a day. Yes, you heard right, 20k visitors/day in The Tuileries Garden between the Louvre and La Place de la Concorde . This is the way Colette does things. It's going to be MAJOR. If you get a chance to go, GO. We'll be posting pics and maybe some video from the event here soon… stay tuned.

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