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Meet Corey and Seb

2 July 02, 2012
Meet the newest members of our growing team, Corey (left) and Sebastian (right): Corey's joining us for the summer (and hopefully longer) to work on product development, marketing and whatever else comes up. He recently completed FIT's renowned cosmetics and fragrance marketing program in NYC and tracked us down after doing a merchandising project on 'The Great Bear' (remember?). After spending a weekend in Vermont checking us out this spring, he decided to forgo a lucrative gig in the bowels of Manhattan in favor of spending at least a summer with UM in Vermont learning about super natural skin care. Smart man! Seb lives locally and has been looking to try his hand at something new after helping build one of Stowe's leading vacation rental companies (and teaching skiing on the weekends during snow season). He's a stickler for quality control, testing procedures and precisely following protocols, making him a natural for the operations side of our business. We knew we had our man when Seb showed up at work a few days after starting with every major UM project spread-eagled on a web-based gantt chart and some fresh muffins from The Bee's Knees. We're delighted to have Seb and Corey in the mix (as well as some other folks we'll introduce to you soon). They're already making important contributions to our progress and sharpening the dialogue about what UM is and what we want to become…. exciting stuff. We hope to introduce other members of our team here on the Blog Cabin over the coming weeks...

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