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Check it: customer feedback from Michael on 6/27/12

2 July 05, 2012
We've been reluctant to go overboard with posting testimonials but we do get a lot of them so we've decided to start posting 1-2 of them a month here on the Blog Cabin. This one was received on June 27, 2012:
Hello, my name is Michael and I recently purchased the three musketeer travel set from your website. First of all, I would just like to point out that I was unaware of great customer service from an online store. I received it this afternoon and while I was tearing away at the manila envelope like a madman, I noticed a little, handwritten note from Olivia thanking me for my purchase and also telling me that I received a sample of the face balm as well! That was a big surprise to me because when I made the order I said to myself, " this seems like a good travelers/sample set, but I wish it came with the face balm." That really surprised me. It feels great to make a purchase from a company that values their customers in this way. I've been struggling with my face for years: bad complexion, dried out dull skin, and acne problems. I would deal with my facial problems by going to the drugstore and buying products that are actually more advertised towards women and claimed to be "all natural". It was embarrassing as a man to go up to the register and buy a lotion with tons of colors and flowers on it . I was fed up with all the feminine products and fake all natural facial moisturizers so one day I did research and decided to Google best male facial products. Not much to my surprise, many of these products were filled with the sodium sulfates, glycols, and all sorts of fillers that I read wouldn't do any actual good for your skin. Then I decided to look up natural male skin products. This is when I fell upon the URSA MAJOR website... It looked interesting enough, plus every review I could scour up was indeed positive. Was very surprised when I tried the products today. They feel great! I especially love the minty scent of the face balm. I feel very good about myself and very masculine while wearing it. Of course, as you state on the website, a good diet and proper exercise, plenty of water will help your skin, but these products are great and I definitely plan to make future purchases from this all natural authentic brand that I now trust. Thank you for making a product that amazing and thank you for the free sample of face balm. Your customer service is excellent. Sincerely, Michael XXX A very satisfied customer
We're blown away! Feedback like this makes all the hard work worthwhile and then some… Thank you Michael for taking the time to pass this along. p.s. You might be wondering what a photo of a tractor has to do with a testimonial for our products. Absolutely nothing! We took that photo last week on one or our post-work bike rides down the road.

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