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Why Ursa Major skin care products are better

2 September 28, 2012
What's special about our products? Here's a little more color on what makes our products different (better!), compared to what's widely available on the market for men today: ADVANCED.  ‘Natural tech’ is a rapidly evolving field with new active ingredients breaking all the time.  Our formulators take pride in vetting and using the most effective new natural ingredients available.  In other words, you won’t find any “original formulas” dating back to Granpa’s time in the Ursa Major line-up. When it comes to making super natural skin care, we prefer science to nostalgia. ROBUST.  We design water and unnecessary ‘filler ingredients’ out of our products while using generous amounts of key active ingredients to make sure the product does what it says it’s going to do and then some. The result is a more concentrated, potent – and expensive – product.  Kind of like comparing a generic beer or coffee to your favorite craft ale or French roast. HEALTHY.  We formulate our products to be as close to 100% natural as possible, meaning ingredients derived from nature using non-synthetic processing.  We also go out of our way to source premium natural ingredients from small, sustainable growers.  While this is more costly and takes more effort, it results in a cleaner, safer and healthier product.  Chemicals have their place in this world but not on our skin. SUBLIME.  And finally, the experience.  We believe great products should be effective, natural and sublime – it’s really tough to do all three well using only natural ingredients. But it’s possible, and worth striving for, evening if we drive our formulators nuts while doing so. Most of our products go through dozens of iterations before approval… they don’t leave the barn ‘til we love’em. OK, that’s it. Hopefully that gives you a clearer idea of what makes our products unique and worth trying. (If you're tempted, visit our online store or one of our retail partners.) *** Oh, one last thing.  We still have a long way to go!  On most days this is painfully obvious.  For example, we hate plastic.  It pains us that we have to use it to package our products (even if we go out of our way to use recycle-friendly plastic with as much pcr as our potent formulas can handle).  But the alternative – glass – is really not an option because it’s heavy/costs a ton to ship, it’s expensive and also it breaks into a million jagged blood-thirsty bits when knocked over in the shower.  The second a greener packaging option comes on the scene (e.g. a biodegradable plastic), we’ll be all over it.  If you’re a green packaging guru and you know of some (stock) packaging options we should check out, please send’em our way. Also we would love to use more organic content in our line (right now, we're averaging 50% certified organic content across our line).  But doing so right now would approximately double our cost of goods, making our products prohibitively expensive.  Over time, as the supply or organics increases and starts to catch up with demand, we hope prices will start to come down, allowing us to up the % organic content in our products. * btw that's a sneak-peek of one of our gift sets for the upcoming holiday season - they'll be available on our site and at selected retailers in early November

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