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We're hiring: UM is looking for an ace 'General Assistant' (or whatever you want your title to be)

2 March 22, 2013
george and lambie Intro Ursa Major (‘The Great Bear’) is hiring! We’re moving our office to downtown Burlington and plan to fill several key positions this spring as we continue to build out our small team, starting with the ‘General Assistant’ position. 6.9.13 update - this position has been filled. Thanks for your interest in UM! General Assistant (GA) We’re looking for bright, motivated all-round assistant to provide critical support to the founders in a number of important functional areas across the business, including:
  • Product development - market research, competitor analysis, follow-up with vendors, etc.
  • Wholesale sales – market research, follow-up with customers and sales leads, help prepare for trade & consumer shows, etc.
  • Marketing - market research, production of collateral, general assistance
  • Customer service - answer phone, take phone orders, etc.
  • Office - maintain organized and well-functioning office (interface with vendors, office supplies, etc)
  • Other – participate in weekly company meetings, mail/UPS drop-off, pack out web & wholesale orders, etc. as needed
This GA will learn a ton about the natural (men’s) skin care business, product development, marketing and sales. Over time the GA position could grow into a dedicated marketing, sales or product development role, depending on the candidate’s skills and interests and Ursa Major’s needs. Key Attributes The ideal candidate should possess most or all of the following attributes in order to enjoy and be successful in this role:
  • Desire to work in an entrepreneurial environment
  • Well organized
  • Strong listener and communicator
  • Attentive to detail
  • Creative thinker and proactive problem-solver
  • Friendly and persistent
  • Competitive, winning spirit
  • An underlying interest in premium natural products and brands
  • An ability to work comfortably alongside our flatulent #tripawd bulldog, George
  • College degree
  • Relevant work experience demonstrating the above ‘key attributes’
  • Proven track record of high achievement
Salary & Benefits
  • Competitive salary & benefits
Note: One of our goals over time is to become ‘a favorite place to work’ for Vermonters. Together we’ll decide what that means and how we get there. Target Hire Date Spring/early summer 2013 How To Apply Does this sound like a great fit with your skills, interests, experience and personality? Are you ready to rock it with our small but mighty team? Are you a fan of premium natural products? If so email us your resumé along with a brief note or video to explaining why you are the person we’re looking for (please put the position you're applying for in the email Subject field, thanks). *** Background We created Ursa Major to provide men with a spirited natural alternative to the bland, toxin-laden products that pervade today's market. Our advanced formulations artfully blend nature’s most eff¬ective ingredients to provide luxurious textures, sublime aromas and unbeatable performance. That’s why we call them ‘super natural’. The result is clear, healthy skin – and a kick in your step – so you can get out there and make the most of every day, or ‘live major’. We launched in December 2010 with our Stellar Shave Cream and have since carefully expanded our line to include a simple yet robust daily skin care regimen for men (face wash, shave cream, face tonic, face balm). We’re currently developing several new products and over time plan to serve as a one-stop, head-to-toe solution for our customers. Ursa Major is currently based in Stowe, Vermont and will soon be moving to a new office six miles south of Stowe in Burlington, VT.

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