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UM is moving to Burlington, VT... and we're hiring!

2 March 27, 2013

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So we've decided to move our fledgling operation from Stowe to downtown Burlington, VT. It's been a really tough decision because we have friends and family here and we love being so close to the mountains… on the other hand we know we're going to need ready access to bright, motivated, creative and diverse folks to keep growing our business and the available pool of talent in BTV is obviously much larger than it is here in Stowe (BTV's population, at a whopping 43,000, is 10x larger than that of Stowe). It's going to be a big change but we're looking forward to it.

As we posted last week we have some job openings to fill, the first of which is for a 'General Assistant'. In addition, over the coming month or so we plan to post additional job openings, for a total of four new positions:
  • General assistant - entry-level position (currently interviewing - more info here)
  • Account manager - entry-level sales position
  • Marketing guru - entry- to mid-level marketing position (focus on online marketing)
  • Product development specialist - mid-level position
To apply for the General Assistant position, please check out this post. If you're interested in applying for one of the other positions, please wait 'til we post the job openings here on our site and then follow the application guidelines. Btw feel free to let your friends know about these job postings by sharing on FB, etc. Thanks so much! Photo credit: Wikipedia, Church Street in Burlington, 1907

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