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Tees are in!

2 May 08, 2013
[gallery columns="2" ids="3426,3430,3429,3428,3427"] We finally got our act together and made up some UM tees. None of us actually like wearing (overly-)branded tees, but we kept on getting requests for an "Ursa Major tee" from loyal customers and that's all we needed to hear to add it to the 'to do' list. The brief to our designer was simple: come up with a branded UM tee you actually want to wear. It took us a few rounds to dial things in and here's where things ended up. Grey/black for classic fashion-y types and fresh blue for all the sporty dudes (and girls!) up here in VT and beyond. So far so good with about 50 tees sold in our first week (keep'em coming!). Em's eating some humble pie as she was willing to bet a four-pack of #heady that grey would outsell blue, but blue's turning out to the the winner, though only slightly. But the tide could turn at any moment... Pretty soon we'll be out of this first run because part of the idea here is to give these tees away as 'thank yous' to friends and collaborators out there who've been helping The Great Bear find its footing and meander along.... You know who you are and we love you for it! Thanks to Leo (and Andrew) at #iskraprint for working with us to have these screened locally in BTV. It's always fun to see stuff being made and Leo was nice enough to let us in to his workshop and take some pics. I missed the grey blanks being screened but you can see the grey ones here.

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