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That Independence Day Feeling

2 July 04, 2013
flag barn nebraska valley In the outlines of firework smoke, amidst the smell of backyard charcoal, there is an Independence Day feeling that is subtler than flags, parades and the bold proclamations of patriotism. (Though we love those too.) Rather, every Fourth of July, we find a quiet pause, a break in the unrelenting, American drive forward, a proud minute to celebrate revolution and strength. It’s this pause, this feeling, that we work to cultivate year-round at Ursa Major. In what we do and how we do it. Call it a precursor to “living major.”  You likely have your own name for it, your own shorthand for freedom and confidence. It likely informs your days in similar ways. It’s this feeling that we work so hard to capture in our products. It’s what pushes us to use premium raw ingredients in a market dominated by less natural offerings. It’s what we hear from friends who discover their own Ursa Major ritual, their moment of daily reflection to celebrate personal independence. It’s easy to let this spirit languish in the dog days of summer, so it’s a beautiful and important thing to take stock in this moment, the revolutionary feeling from July Fourth, and carry it forward so it can spark ample, smaller declarations of independence in the months ahead. To that end, may you savor cold beer after long rides, greens from the garden, and outdoor concerts. May there be baseball on the radio and days at the beach. May you find adventure, large and small. May you Live Major. Wishing you all the best for Independence Day and beyond. From the crew at Ursa Major in Vermont

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