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Ursa Major Across the Internet

Ollie Burruss September 26, 2013
Fall colors popping in Vermont.


UM’s been generating some buzz across the internets in recent weeks … here’s a sampling:

"I first tried [a wipe] after riding from Burlington to Elizabethtown, NY to camp last weekend and my face was stoked. The next test? A quick freshening up before a night out with a lady friend. The verdict? Success." ~

"Having gotten my hands on [some wipes] recently though, I’m happy to report they were well worth the wait" ~

"This facial cleanser does an excellent job of removing oils and impurities from the skin while it exfoliates." ~

"[The 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic] is a great item to have on hand anywhere you might need to freshen up." ~

Well what do you say? Perhaps you want to head over to our Shop and try some for yourself?

Thanks to the folks above to took the time to try our products and write up a review. We’ll try to do a better job of sharing these reviews here on the Blog Cabin going forward.

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