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UM crew heads into the mountains to soak up 'peak foliage'

oliver sweatman October 07, 2013
Here are some pics from our spontaneous "let's make the most of fall before it's over" hike last week. We started out at Bolton ski area and took the Catamount Trail direction northeast for a mile or so before linking into the Long Trail northbound via Raven's Wind trail … Pretty soon we crested Bolton Mountain, then Mount Mayo and on as we meandered along the ridge toward our lunch destination, Taylor Lodge. From there, after a feast of fresh bread (August First), chocolate (Endangered Species), PB, Nutella, Cabot Cheese, Macoun apples, 'gorp', and Em's infamous brownies, we dropped down to Lake Mansfield to our pick-up rig and circled back 'round to Bolton via Prohibition Pig in Waterbury to slake our thirst with some fresh, cold VT beer (Hill Farmstead & Lost Nation). Delicious! All in it was an epic day - glad we moved beyond "Hey, we should take the day off and go for a hike tomorrow with the crew to make the most of foliage" to actually committing and doing it. bryantcamp
Our first stop, Bryant Camp... straight out of Cabin Porn (almost).
bootjuice Only twenty minutes in, Nicole earns her new moniker, 'Boot Juice'. (Sneaker Juice would be more accurate... The day before we advised: "bring some comfy hiking boots"... Whatever!) boltonsummit
What a vista! Not much of a view when you get up to the Bolton summit.  The best views were from the saddles between the peaks where there were more hardwoods and fewer evergreens. back-side-of-bolton
Em and Nicole sandwiched by Ollie B and Carmen as we ramble down the backside of Bolton Mountain ... At this point we're all pondering Carmen's question: "What's your favorite Krakauer book?" crew-in-puffer-shelter
Photo break at Puffer Shelter, 3,200 feet ... A happy, relaxed crew, beginning to get hungry. nicole-freak
Nicole getting her freak on as we leave Puffer Shelter ... We need to get this girl some food! beaver-dam
This must be the highest-elevation beaver dam in the Greens. We were hoping to see a moose or something but given the racket our troop was making along the trail, it's no surprise the pond was void of large mammalian wildlife when we arrived (or was it?). ollieb
Ollie B punking out after a big lunch (four brownies!?) at Taylor Lodge (notice the strategically placed UM water bottles), resigned to the fact that this is NOT going to be the kind of training day he's used to. whole-crew-in-taylor-lodge
Fall splendor on the way down to Lake Mansfield Trout Club, our final destination (about six hours after setting out from Bolton)... pine-stand nebraska valley
Peaceful pine grove on our way down to the car... lake mansfield
And finally, Lake Mansfield. One of our favorite spots anywhere. That's it for the hiking pictures. Overall, an epic day ... This might just have to become an annual UM event!

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