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Hiking as an analogy for #entrepreneurship

2 October 16, 2013
staring down profanity trail Sometimes I think hiking, or more specifically speed-hiking down a trail in relaxed fashion, is a good analogy for how (or how not) to run a little business. Seriously, the thought's occurred to me many times… Here's what I mean: towards the tail-end of a rigorous hike I often go 'into the zone' and my mind is freed up of little thoughts and worries (this in itself is a reason to get out there… to escape the incessant spinning wheel of our overactive minds). Anyway, most likely at this stage you're heading downhill, at least if your destination was some kind of summit. Well, when you're on your way back down, if you just let go a bit and let gravity have its way, while staying focused but relaxed, you can move with surprising agility and ease down even the steepest and trickiest of trails. This mode of travel, very different from the usual plodding descent, results in an exhilarating sense of freedom and can make downhill hiking a lot more fun. The trick is to commit and stay focused, while simultaneously relaxing your body and trusting your instincts. And having the right shoes. Otherwise trouble will ensue. Not a bad analogy for #entrepreneurship, right?

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