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Launching our new travel sizes

2 October 23, 2013


We're excited to launch our new travel program today.  The new travel sizes (& retail prices) will be as follows:

- Fantastic Face Wash (2 fl oz, $10) - Stellar Shave Cream (2 fl oz, $12) - Fortifying Face Balm (0.5 fl oz, $12) We're also offering all three of the above items, plus five of our Essential Face Wipes, as a travel set for $40. Check'em out in our online store here. These new sizes will replace the 1 fl. oz. bottles we've been using up to now which require hand-labeling and are very expensive to produce. We hope you love them. And yes, a 2 fl. oz. Face Tonic is on the way very soon, hopefully by year-end. *** Btw, these travel sizes cost quite a bit more to produce per fl. oz. than our full-size products, which is why they cost more at retail per fl. oz. To illustrate, our shave cream traveler contains 2 fl. oz. of shave cream, or 38% of the full-size version (5.3 fl. oz). Logic implies that the traveler should cost around $9 (38% of $24), right? We wish it was that simple. While the cost of the shave cream formula decreases in linear fashion for the smaller travel size (assuming the same batch-size of shave cream bulk), the cost of components and filling do not. In fact they hardly decrease at all (a 2 oz tube doesn't cost that much less than a 5 oz tube, setting up a line to fill 1,000 big tubes vs. 1,000 little tubes costs pretty much the same). This is why we price the shave cream traveler at $12 and not $9. (Travel-size or full-size, UM's margins are well below 'industry norms' because we insist on using generous quantities of only the highest-quality ingredients while keeping our retail prices as reasonable as possible. But that's another topic for another post!)

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