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Shout-out to Emily and the rest of the team

2 October 25, 2013
em selfie with blaze cap Major shout-out to Emily and the rest of the UM team for holding down the fort and then some over the past week or so while I've been laid up at home with a painful back injury. Not so long ago when either Em or I were out of commission for even a day or two half the business would shut down; these days, with our growing crew standing by to pick up any slack, 'The Great Bear' doesn't miss a stride. That's progress! Thank you Emily for being such an awesome partner in life and in business and also to each member of our growing team for throwing yourselves into the task of building a great little company with us. I miss the action and the camaraderie and can't wait to get back into the fray. Photo credit: #selfie by Emily … love the blaze orange LLBean cap in front of the yellow 'POSTED' sign

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