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Proust, I'm with you brother

2 November 18, 2013
trail november vermont I was sitting in the examination room at my doctor's office last week, waiting for her to show up, when I noticed this little quote on the wall calendar hanging from the door: "The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust Now ain't that true! When I returned to Vermont four years ago, after fifteen years hustling in NYC, I began to realize that one doesn't have to go jetting all over the world in search of adventure and discovery, and that there's a lifetime of trails and exploration to be had right here out my back-door, just in this valley alone. This was an epiphany for someone who once lived, and aspired to, the jet-setting lifestyle. I'm not knocking travel and going to new places (I think it's essential); all I'm saying is that many times we become blind and numb to what's all around us, and that just being more aware, and observing, there's much more life and energy available for one's daily existence. Proust, I'm with you brother. Well said. #awareness #discovery #explorelocal

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