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Meet the new kids

Ollie Burruss November 22, 2013

Ursa Major's new hires 

We're expanding our team like gangbusters here at UMHQ. In the last two months, we've added three new folks to our already-awesome team. Take a minute to meet the new kids.

Marshall McKenzie, Account Manager

Marshall McKenzie is another Massachusetts transplant seeking solace, guidance, and companionship at Ursa Major. This is Marshall’s second foray into life in the Green Mountain State, the first culminating with a bachelor’s degree in history from UVM. An avid outdoorsman, Marshall has been skiing since he was two, which seems both criminally irresponsible and badass all at once.

Before joining the UM crew, Marshall worked as a cabana boy for a Massachusetts health club and made occasional forays into the rough and tumble world of male modeling. His pool boy days behind him, Marshall couldn’t be happier at his desk, managing our wholesale accounts. Every once and a while, though, we’ll catch him handing out towels on slow afternoons in the office.  You know what they say, “old habits die hard.”

Tyler Reid, Order Fulfillment

Tyler Reid comes to Ursa Major after a long and distinguished career as a pizza artist at the world-famous Riverview Pizza in Ipswich, Massachusetts.  When he wasn’t concocting sauce and cheese combinations that would bring the most effete foodie to his knees, Tyler studied film at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.  Tyler’s debut Ursa Major feature is still in the works, but rumor has it the visuals will make Pixar look like eighth-grade art class Claymation.

As the chap who packs our wholesale and web orders, Tyler probably has the closest daily contact with Ursa Major customers of anyone in the office.  If you’ve received an order from us in the last few months, you’ve likely received a nice note from Tyler.  Fun fact: Tyler writes his best notes while listening to Tears for Fears.  Everybody may want to rule the world, but Tyler truly rules our packing station (and we wouldn’t have it any other way).

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