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The Ursa Major Staff Gift Guide

Ollie Burruss December 06, 2013

We're beginning to get into the holiday spirit over here at UM HQ.  If you saw our last newsletter, you'll know that we're all woefully behind on our Christmas shopping, so we figured we'd get things started by doing our first ever (and hopefully annual) Ursa Major Staff Gift Guide.  We asked everyone in the office to give us one item they hope to receive this year and one they're excited to give.  Take a look - maybe you'll get a gift idea or two.

Emily  Doyle

Give: The Baguette board from Vermont Farm Table. I love that this baguette board, which is made in Vermont, can double as a simple votive candle holder.  The tiger maple one would hide the crumbs best (and I’d include a fresh baguette, of course!).

Cover of the book "Tom Scheerer Decorates"

Receive: Tom Scheerer Decorates. Tom is the brother of a great friend and his new book is really beautiful.  I would love to add it to our coffee table and flip through it when I'm looking for some inspiration.

Carmen Craig

Give: Refillable Havana Leather Notebook. I think this leather bound notebook is not only beautifully crafted but also quite practical.  When I kept a journal as a kid I was always wary to write things that I couldn't take out and with this refillable design you can add or remove anything.  It's genius! A refillable leatherbound notebook from Kaufman Mercantile

Receive: A trip to the American Folk Art Museum. It has always been a dream of mine to visit the Henry Darger exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum as he is one of my absolute favorite artists.  I love the imaginative power and magical element of his work and I've always been intrigued by the mysteriousness shrouding his life.

Nicole Laureyns

Give: A case of Heady Topper. Vermont is home so many incredible brewers.  It's only right to share this state's beer with those who don't have it readily available to them every day.

Cans of Heady Topper at Alchemist Brewing

Receive: Wood crates from Kaufman Mercantile. My goal is to one day own a whole vinyl library, but for the time being these crates are perfect for storing my growing LP collection.

Ollie Burruss

Give: Skida hats. Maybe it’s because I know Corinne, the brains behind Skida. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent over half my life immersed in the Nordic ski scene. Or maybe it’s because these hats are just plain nice. Either way, the ladies in my life should be on the lookout for some Skida this Christmas.

Zoic's Nirvana mountain bike jersey in blue checks.

Receive: Zoic Nirvana jersey. After spending the last five years primarily clad in spandex, I stumbled across Zoic’s fashion-forward jersey and was immediately sold. A stylish jersey that wicks sweat and has a pocket for all my stuff? I’m all in.

Tyler Reid

Give: An official Red Ryder, carbine action, two hundred shot range model air rifle. But only to someone who won’t put his or her eye out.

An H16 reflex camera by Bolex

Receive: I would love a Paillard Bolex 16mm reflex camera converted to shoot super 16, with a couple of lenses, a Tobin time-lapse motor, a ESM motor and a rewind crank.

Marshall McKenzie

Give: Ebbets Field Montreal Royals Hat. In the McKenzie family, our father always taught us to respect and admire baseball as "the most mathematically perfect" game ever devised by mankind and, furthermore, to hold the greats of the game close to our hearts. This Ebbets Field Flannels hat does just that. Commemorating Jackie Robinson's 1946 season with the Montreal Royals, this cap pays homage to a great ball player and a truly great American. With a regal "M" emblazoned on the cap, I can't picture a better gift for the McKenzie men. A flannel Montreal Royals baseball cap from Ebbets Flannel.

Receive: Backcountry Access Avalanche Beacon. When your entire crew skis with avi beacons, it is probably prudent to have one for yourself, especially in those situations where others are relying on your ability to find them in the slough. This year, I'm looking for a beacon so I can finally ski those gnarly out-of-bounds lines with a bit more peace of mind.

Oliver Sweatman

Give: This is going to come across as very tacky but honestly the gift I'm most excited to give is our Scout Set - I have over a dozen of those going out to my guy friends.  Hopefully it'll be a good way to say "I love you guys, even though I don't see nearly enough of you."

Ursa Major's hand-printed gift boxes.

Receive: Filson has these bison down fingerless gloves that recently caught my eye.  I've tried bison burgers but never knew these behemoths spun a cashmere-like yarn.  We'll see – I’m kinda hoping someone will read this post and give them to me for x-mas.

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