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2014? Bring it on

2 February 11, 2014
A mess of planning documents and beer on top of a table at Ursa Major headquarters in Burlington, Vermont. We’re wrapping up our annual plan over here at UM HQ. About time, I guess, as we’re almost six weeks into 2014! Planning’s a funny thing in a small company – it’s important to do some, but it’s easy to overdo it. We are, after all, only seven people (plus some awesome collaborators who work off campus). We've ended up in a good place: everyone has a clear road-map for their piece of the business and it all stacks up to a bigger, unifying vision with some clear – and ambitious – goals. Now it’s time to set the plan aside and turn our full attention to implementing it, something we’re all relishing after weeks of mulling through lots of what-if and how-to scenarios. Bring it on!

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