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PR round-up: what do Jared Leto and lingerie have in common?

Ollie Burruss March 27, 2014

Stumped? They're both on the cover of magazines that have recently featured our Essential Face Wipes. Ursa Major got some major press love recently, with the wipes appearing in both Nylon Guys in January and Playboy in March.

January 2014's Nylon Guys magazine cover and s

"Whether your mug is super parched or you're just lazy, moisture-rich cleansing cloths easily eliminate grime. Try Ursa Major Essential Face Wipes."

The cover of the March 2014 issue of Playboy Magazine featuring Ursa Major face wipes inside.

"Pickup games happen. Keep these cleansing and moisturizing wipes at the ready in your glove compartment."

We love our wipes and think every guy should try them, so it's pretty cool to see them right there next to an Oscar winner one month and in the pages of America's most [in]famous magazine the next.

Finally, before signing off, we wanted to share this snippet from Austin Shirley, a barber from Alabama, who recently reviewed our Face Wash and Face Tonic for Southern Living:

"Over the years, I’ve tried more than my fair share of men’s skin care. From the drugstore brand to top of the line scientifically formulated, small-batch, etc.—I’ve tested it. The best I’ve found is Ursa Major. The Face Wash/Tonic Combo Set ($48) make a noticeable difference in skin tone and clarity while providing a healthy glow with a killer fresh scent. Skin care is the area where you get what you pay for. Spend more, feel better."

Wow. Thanks, Austin! We appreciate the kind words.

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