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Getting much more out of swimming

2 April 03, 2014

total-immersion book cover

I first heard about this book from a friend of mine who's a casual triathlete. I recently pulled it down from the book-shelf now that I've started swimming again to help rehab from a lower back injury. Instead of prescribing lap after lap of grueling drills (mileage is the key!), the author approaches swimming like yoga or martial arts, leading you through a series of simple, intentional exercises designed to help you unlearn how you were taught to swim and re-program your brain/nervous system to swim with ease and efficiency. The crazy thing is, his method works: you would be hard pressed to find a better DIY program for learning to become a better swimmer and - equally important - for learning to enjoy swimming more. If want to mix up your work-out routine (or simply find a new way to zen out before or after a long day's work), check out this book and the accompanying video.

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