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Our Face Tonic - different strokes for different folks

oliver sweatman June 30, 2014
face tonics for blog post We get a lot of questions from customers about our tonic. What is it? How do I use it? When do I use it? And so on. Totally understandable since this is a new kind of product, in a class of its own! The idea with our tonic was to create a multi-purpose liquid that men (and women) could use anytime to clean, exfoliate, soothe and hydrate, all at once. Based on the feedback we’ve been getting, and the repeat sales, the tonic delivers! It’s a very effective, enjoyable product. Check the testimonials on our site or elsewhere on the web to see what folks are saying. It’s made using a blend of 33 natural ingredients, with generous doses of aloe vera, witch hazel, willow bark, radish root and birch sap and has a subtle but spicy, herbal aroma. It dries down quickly after application and leaves your skin feeling clean, bright, calm, hydrated and supple, without any weird stick residue. Sounds pretty good, right?

OK, now let’s get into how to use the tonic. Because it’s such a versatile product, people use it in different ways. Here’s how we use it at UM HQ:

  • Oliver soaks a cotton round with the tonic and uses it as a “lazy man’s face wash”
  • Marshall splashes it on as an after-shave to soothe his skin, before using our balm
  • Emily sprays it on whenever she needs a refreshing pick-me-up (she keeps her bottle in the fridge at the office)
  • We all use our tonic-infused face wipes when we’re on-the-go to reboot dull, tired or oily skin
To make the most of the tonic and keep everyone happy, we offer it in three different formats:
  • With a flip cap (good if you’re using it as a splash or with a cotton round)
  • With a spray cap (if you prefer a sprayer like Emily)*
  • Individually-wrapped bamboo wipes (ideal when you’re away from home - throw a few in your gym bag, carry-on, back pocket, etc)
We encourage you to play around and see which set-up works best for you. OK, that’s it for now. Hopefully this gives you a better feel for how to get the most out of our tonic. * many of the barbers we work with apply it this way on their clients before/after shaving

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