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Logging in Vermont

Christine Mitchell Adams March 18, 2015

We’re fascinated by the history and culture of logging in New England, especially in our state of Vermont. Imagine those grueling long days and months spent away from home! After the Civil War, logging became the strongest industry in the Vermont economy. Its queen city, Burlington, was the fourth largest lumber port in the nation. Yet with the industry’s success, came inevitable environmental damage. By 1880 Vermont had reached 80% deforestation. The shock of losing so much of the state’s forest (and cultural pride) inspired action from its people. Towns began planting thousands of trees and the state implemented sustainable logging practices. Luckily for us today, Vermont is near complete reforestation and continues to be one of the greenest states in the USA.

Check out this cool timeline from the Vermont Division of Forestry to learn more about events that shaped the industry.


Vermont Division of Forestry

Bennington County Conservation District

CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts (photos)

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